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Don't Struggle To Explain Yourself, Do The Following Things Instead.

Have your own life.

By this i simply mean that you should have something to do. Are you that type of person who depends on others so that you can be happy? If yes, you need to change that mentality of yours.

When she sees your life is awesome, she will always want to associate herself with you. That's one of the tricks that can help you capture her attention. Yes everyone has the bad side of life but try acting like all things are normal.

Have passion in something.

Having passion can help you alot when you are lonely. Passion and hobby are something that go hand in hand. Any woman would like to know what you like doing while you are alone. If you lack a hobby, you can decide to hung out with her.

Having friends can help you alot. Especially when you are that person who is falling in love for the first time. Friends can help you share ideas and they can also motivate you on some aspects. When you need to be perfect, you need to ensure that you have good company.

Make her laugh.

Be her comedian each time you are together. You might not know what she is going through so when you are with her, don't start conversations that will make her think about herself. Girls like men who make them forget their problems.

You can also have some problems but just fake that you are okay only for her sake. Don't be a man who is very serious all the time. Serious men are really boring and that's why women avoid them. This explains why you will find people who are comedians having many women compared to those people who sit and work in offices.

Be her friend.

Be that type of man who she can always lean on whenever she has a problem. Having a man who is your boyfriend and at the same time he plays the role of a friend is very rare. So if you are a girl and you have such a man, thank God so much.

You should also be keen not to be friend zoned with her. You can play friendly roles and at the end you find yourself thrown at the friend zone. It's very difficult to multitask such duties but practice makes perfect.

Thanks for your time alot. I hope this article will be of great help to you, meanwhile follow for more articles.

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