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A Building Technology to Adopt if You Want to Cut the Roofing Cost and Even Increase Outdoor Space

The cost of roofing sometimes gives home owner or house developers headache. The most used roofing tops nowadays is the pitched roofing. This roofing however is slightly expensive due to use of high end decra-roofing materials for beauty. It should be noted that the beauty of a house lies in its roofing and therefore a pitched roofing is most visible to the passersby.

Well, a new way of roofing your house with low cost is the use of flat roof top technology. Most people ague that this technology is expensive due to the need to have a slab up there. However, I have come to tell you that you don't need a slab nor reinforcements to reign force the slab. All you need is a hidden roof. Sounds great, right? Well, a hidden roof is erected in such away that you erect a flat but slightly slanting roof top for easy drainage and erecting a parapet wall around it. You get the idea.

Alternatively, you can decide to forego the parapet wall and slightly or gently slope the sides and it will give you that flat roof top design. Now, the question you might be asking is this. How does the flat roof top save the cost? The reduced cost is achieved in that you don't need to use a decra-roofing material but ordinary corrugated iron sheets which are cheaper. It can cut your roofing cost up to 30%. Also, for those lacking enough outdoor space, you can use EPS technology to do the roofing and use the roof top as your supplementary outdoor space.

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