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Modern Ceiling Boards Adopted By Contractors In The World (Photos)

The completion of a house always involves a lot of things such a ceiling board. Ceiling boards are always meant to decorating the roof of a house to make it looks good and admirable. The ceiling boards are also meant for closing the woods which have been used in making the roofing.

The most common ceiling boards are the gypsum board and plastic boards which are normally purchased and used in ceiling the house.

However, today I want to share with you the cheapest way of ceiling your house without purchasing the known ceiling boards. This involves the use of motor which is a mixture of cement and little sand which are mixed together using water.

The ceiling is then meshed using the wire mesh to make it suitable for the plastering. The ceiling is then plastered and decorated using the thick motor in any style one my desire. After which it is waited to dry and then painted in any colour desired by the owner of the house.

Some of its advantage is that it does not absorb water as compared to others. It is relatively cheap as compared to the rest and many more.

Content created and supplied by: Angasimwenyewe (via Opera News )



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