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3 Ways To Raise Your Conciousness To Higher Levels

Conciousness is the Inner essence of you, which is aware that you are reading this article at the moment. The Inner you which onwns the body. That part is also the real you. Jesus was in higher conspicuousness, kni2n6 as Christ conciousness. It is possible to arrive at that conciousness through the following ways.

1. Stay in the present moment

To raise you conciousness, you have to realize time do not exist beyond this particular moment you are reading this post. Don not think of the past or the future. Just be present here and now, and be fully aware of what you are doing. If you are reading this article, be fully aware and bring your total concentration to this moment.

2. Remove boundaries

Humans have psychological boundaries that resulted from conditioning from the society. Do not limit yourself to any particular idea or theories that seems to limit you from thinking.

3. Meditation

This is another powerful way of raising your conciousness. Sit down and meditate for atleast 15 minutes every morning.

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