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Sure ways of saving power during ironing

Most households do iron clothes after laundry work,this accelerates electricity bills especially If clothes are not ironed the right way. Through experience,I came up with the following energy saving tactics;

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Start with light clothes

When the iron box is starting to get hot,it's advisable to start with clothes like light shirts and sheets. This is because it doesn't require too much heat to iron. You start from light,then medium and lastly heavy linen as the iron box get hotter.

Moisten the clothes

Moist clothes will iron faster than the dry ones,so take some little water and sprinkle on the clothes as you iron and for sure you will save power. However,if you sprinkle alot of water you might end up soaking the clothes thus using lots of power to dry. It should be moderate.

Switch off whenever not in use

When changing ironing spot e.g from collar to sleeves or from ironing table to hangers or drawers,ensure that the power is switched off. This will save energy and also avoid over heating of the iron box which might cause clothes to burn or turn colours.

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