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Do Not Use Labour Intensive Methods To Lay Out Your Brick Pavement, Use This Amazing Machine

Brick paving are normally alternative to asphalt road as it is mainly used on streets with relatively slow traffic and has better aesthetic effect. However the entire process of laying bricks is time consuming as well as labour intensive especially when manually conducted. In fact manual laying of these bricks are harsh to back and knees of workers. To help make work easier, there is a very efficient machine launched by Dutch Company Vanku B.V and the machine is named Tiger Stone.

This machine is capable of laying various interlocking patterns of bricks simultaneously within a very short time while operator uses less effort. The 6 meters wide device was nicknamed 'Road Printer' due to its amazing work.

The machine only requires 1 to 3 workers to fill the machine slot with loose bricks from the hopper. The bricks are put in the required pattern then the machine rolls the bricks backwards then lowered smoothly via curved ramp on the ground with the help of gravity and tamper or stream roller which pushes them down to secure them in place as seen below.

what a wonderful idea! What can you say about this wonderful machine? Drop your comments in the comments section below.

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Dutch Company Vanku


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