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Why you Have to Try a House Built From Clay or a Mud House (Opinion)- Lifestyle

With the advancement of technology, people are slowly leaving this beautiful culture. The culture of building mud houses. Most have deemed it outdated while others see it as a simple and ugly structure. These mud houses were decently built for a long time. It is undeniable that mud is a versatile building material that has been used to make some extraordinary structures.

Mud houses are underrated but these structures have lots of advantages. I am building one and soon I will be able to enjoy the experience of living in a mud house. You also need to build one. Apart from its cheapness and widespread availability, mud has some other advantages.

Mud houses are extremely valuable and offer better insulation than steel and concrete structures. It is also very easy to control mud buildings. Mud buildings decentralise the construction process since it utilises the local materials. The technology needed is also simple. You need not call a contractor.

I wish to request many of you to build mud structures. If maintained, they can also be permanent. But how can you maintain them? This is what you need to answer. Maintaining a mud house is not difficult. First, find out the part of the building that is likely to be damaged and take measures to avoid damage. The main disadvantage of mud as a building material is its susceptibility to water. This can be improved by advancing the structure of the roof. Mud building can only become an appropriate technology if appropriate roofing is developed. Even though little has been done concerning this, I am sure I will be able to design the best roof for my mud structure. After reading this, I advise you to go ahead and try a mud structure. I hope you will like it. But then, consider the roof.

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