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Top 10 Most Unusual Yet Iconic Attraction Sites Of The World; See Photos

1. The Hanging Pillar that is found in India

Ever hear of the Hanging Pillar? The sound of it is quite unbelievable but that is its name. The Hanging Pillar is actually found in India.

The pillar does no hang on the ground thanks to the mysterious engineers of the ancient times. They actually left and unusual yet iconic landmark.

2. The Indian village of only twins

India is known for having some of the most unusual things and probably this is one of the most remarkable you will take note of. Whereas chances of getting twins is 1 is to 250, in India, there is actually a village that has about 400 pairs of twins and it almost looks like they know the secret to getting twins. How such a thing can happen is still a mystery and this is actually in the Kodinhi village.

3. The giant slippers church in Japan

Ever seen such a house design? It is what we call creativity at work. But why did they chose a shoe of all the things? Only the engineers know why. It is actually a building of a church in Japan that you should visits anytime you make a trip there. The shoe house design costed them about $ 686000.

4.The Transfagarasan Highway in Romania

This is one of the most unique roads in the world. The transfaharasan highway is about 150 Km. The curves and turns in the road are endless and infact when you rest at some point on the road..

5. Pavlov's House

Most of you know about the former sergeant from Russia and actually his house is one of the world's most reknown tourist attraction sites. The house is is a fortified apartment that had been defended for upto 60 days against the Wehrmacht.

6. The giant drawers in the US

It is only in the United States that you'll find this giant kind of drawers that are even the size of a house. This drawers are actually the largest in the world and dates years back. It is actually 36 feet tall and was built just to attract people.

7. The world's largest painted ball

The world's largest painted ball is also found in the states and it actually holds a world record. The ball has several coats of paint and almost all visitors add paint to it whenever they get an opportunity to visit and see this massive ball.

8. The cat island

Whereas some of you could be afraid of cats, some countries have designated cat territories and a bee good example of such a country is Japan. The cat island has more cats than there are people.

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