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If Fish Bone Enters Your Throat, Don't Panic, Use Any of These 4 Things to Clear Your Throat

Are you a fish lover? If you love eating fish, then you might have noticed that some fish have tiny bones, that can give you a hard time when trying to enjoy your fish. Swallowing a fish bone is rarely an emergency and it can happen by accident.

Fish bones are very dangerous when they are stuck in your throat. To remove stuck fish bone from your oesophagus, try out these home remedies before visiting the hospital.


Banana has the ability to soften and smoothen your throat. Take a large bite of banana and hold it up in your mouth for a minute and swallow in one gulp. This method pushes the fish bone downward.

Olive oil

As always this amazing oil is considered to be a natural lubricant. If a fish bone is stuck in your throat, take 2tps of natural pure Olive oil. It coats your throat lining and the bone which makes it easier for you to swallow the bone.


It is obviously the first thing people do when food is stuck in their throats. A few continuers coughs have the ability to shake the bone loose, thus pushing it outside your mouth.

Bread and water

This is a classic trick of getting stuck food out of your throat. Dip your slice of bread in water for about a minute, then take a huge bite and swallow it whole. The bread will put the weight on the bone and it will push it slowly towards your stomach.

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Banana Fish Bone


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