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The Drive that Drives Life Crazy

How many times have you reasoned with your mind the reparations of receiving gifts you have not worked for? It is not interesting to know that the greatest enemy to humanity is a fellow human being. Suppose a lion attacks one person in the neighborhood and a fellow human being is attacking the other; who will you help first? There are many people on earth but few human beings. The author of the book Sugar Daddies lover wrote was frightening and flabbergasting at those times, but today it is an order of the day.

Lol, vehicles are so many, but you can't get one at a cake price. Education ceased to be expensive, but job opportunities became expensive. Life has never been comfortable before, and everybody is up to luxurious life where we want to be served just by the click of the fingers. Many spend time at the beach with their teddies out to feel the heat of what they have earned. In one way or the other, our wealth has coasted us much sacrifice in terms of labor and time to be where one is. At times, we get aged, yet we have not settled into a family set up where we can get fathomless love and care. Believe it or not, we all give up on different life topics; for example, when you succeed in education, then love or family is waiting for your structuring.

That creates a group of people in a rich society but lacks family love because they got aged while securing the wealth, we all need love, so they search for love with tooth and nail. The other group is a group of fresh educates who have nothing and are trying to get wealth by all means, even if it takes their lives. The two groups mingle, leaving the entire society talking of immorality, but nobody dares to finger point them because money talks; money is powerful. It is also interesting how the two groups meet and come to terms; that's why there are several gifts, free drives, free expensive picnics, and much more monetary value.

Money may bluer your eyes such that you feel and see what you might be doing is not logical, but still you do it just for the sake of your wanting situation. But once in, you can't win; it is a powerful state of life; it is your end. It starts from simple meals or lifts, but the younger one gets crazy within a short period of time because of a perfectly normal life. The short-lived life of sponsorship alters everything, such as the state of mind. Thus, you are unable to decide who conjugal right is due to; you have no limit. Later you join another group in life with no use of their bodies because everything is business as usual. Something that human beings practice or try for the first time becomes normal and order of day plans. We discover new ways of life day after the other.

Play your cards right; winning comes with several trials, and failures have just be referred to by the wrong word; they are just trials. Human beings' population is rising day after day, but the mortality rate is growing uncontrollably. If you are not sick, you are in deep sorrow just because somebody important to you is sick. Simple past life still exists; mental health is crucial for a living. Consume what is healthy for you, not what is available for you.



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