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5 Steps To Conquer Your Inner Critic.

The inner-critic is that inner voice that casts a dark cloud over you, your abilities, talents, and capabilities. That cloud is the voice telling you that “you can’t” do something. The inner critic reminds you of your fears and hurts from past disappointments. Here are five steps you can take to stand up to that unhelpful mind chatter today:

1. Notice

What are you telling yourself? Is it:

“I’m so stupid”

•”I could have done better”

•“S/he is so much better than me”

These are examples of negative critical self-talk.

2. Give thanks

When you notice your inner critic, express gratitude to it. Tell yourself:

• Thank you

• I’m going to take a chance

• I appreciate you trying to protect me

Let it know you got it from here.

3. Take the step

To quiet the inner critic, you need to take a step forward.

• Be patient

• One step at a time

• Focus on your strengths

Take action and push into your fears.

4. Trust

You have control over your actions, but not the outcome.


- One day at a time

- To accept the outcome

- Stay curious and compassionate

Confidence takes time to build.

5. Talk back

Naming your inner critic will let you talk back to it.

• Give it a name

• Remind it that you’re in control

• Build a relationship with that sucker

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