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Forget About Using Clay Tiles As Roofing Materials And Use This Best Roofing Material (Photos).

Many people like to use either clay tiles or iron sheets for roofing purposes. However, the use of clay tiles is seriously discouraged in construction works because they are expensive and are prone to spalling. In addition, clay tiles are described as water-shedding systems meaning that some quantities of water is expected to find it's way under the tiles.

This article reviews the use of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sheets for roofing. In most cases, we see people careless dumping plastic waste in both rural and urban areas. These plastic materials are very useful in roofing when they are recycled. In the company, the plastic containers like used buckets, basins, bottles, bags, shoes, mugs, jugs just to name a few, are recycled and designed into different shapes reassembling that of ordinary roofing iron sheets or clay tiles.

The use of PVC sheets for roofing is highly encouraged because of the following advantages.

1. PVC sheets are not prone to spalling.

2. They are very resistant to frost.

3. They are relatively cheap to buy and install. An individual will spend about a double price of PVC sheets in purchasing clay tiles.

4. PVC sheets are anti-corrosive. This means that they will not be affected by rust as compared to any other roofing material.

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