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Unusual Thing that You will only See in japan

If you thought you knew everything about japan, you are not at the end of your surprise.

Here are the most unusual things that can only be found in Japan.

You are walking in a park in Tokyo when suddenly you are taken by a pressing desire. You turn your head from left to right then you see in the distance cubicles offering clean and very well-equipped toilets. You enter them happy to be able to relieve yourself at last but now that you are comfortably seated, you notice that passers-by in the park are all looking at you. No way! you think how can they see me when I’m supposed to be in a toilet.

Well, it's made of glass but wait a minute you realize you just made the scene of your life. These toilets are made of glass to assure users that they are clean. Despite appearances, these toilets respect everyone's privacy because once inside all you have to do is lock up and the glass walls become opaque and you feel better than at home. 

Unfortunately, you were in such a hurry that you didn't think of locking the door so you made a spectacle. You have just made the shame of your existence, all you want to do is lock yourself up in that damn toilet for life and lock it this time so you'll be forgotten forever but look on the bright side, you are relieved now even if it is only physically because psychologically it will take you a long time to forget this unfortunate episode.

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