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How To Avoid Stress And Stay Strong

Stress leads to depression hence hindering normal body function . There is need to avoid stress for one to relate with others in a friendly way manner. The following are tips on how to avoid stress.

1) Go outside for a walk. This might make you to feel much relaxed by allowing your eyes to meet new environment.

2) Drink water. Drinking a lot of water is advisable for one to ease pressure hence one should drink water by counting the number of classes drank per day.

3) Write a list of all the things you are grateful for. For example if you like football, write the names of your favourite players in a list.

4) Watch a short motivational video on YouTube. This will help you move your thoughts from the world of reality to fantasy.

5) Read a good book. Take your time to read a story book or any other book that will reduce stress by minimizing the amount of time you take to think about something that is stressing you.

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