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See the Dire Consequences of Refusing to take ARVS Drugs for HIV/AIDS

ARVS are drugs that are meant for suppressing the amount of virus in the blood of HIV infected people.

ARVS usually work by preventing the amount of virus to replicate and thus it is not able to multiply. A person who greatly adheres to take his ARVS drugs will have the number of virus in their blood undetectable. This means it is hard for these people to transmit the HIV virus. However the Virus is still present in the body.

When such a person says they are cured and stops taking their ARV medication, the virus had the tendency and ability to multiply again very fast and will again start to attack the CD4 cells in the body which fight off infections.

One is likely to have a compromised immune system again and suffer from opportunistic infections. HIV stages will easily progress from one stage to another.

If a HIV infected person refuses to adhere to their ARV regimen and skips the ARVs drugs during the times they are feeling okay and resume to take when they are feeling sick also have dire consequences.

This is likely to make the virus resistant to that type of ARV regimen and if one is on first line regimen treatment, the physician will be forced to change the patient to second line regimen. This means if a patient was taken one tablet a day in first line regimen then one will shift to other ARV regimen where they will be taking two tablets a day.

If one still skips taking ARVs and they are on second line regimen they are likely to shift to third line regimen.

Once people still Continue to joke then HIV will have progressed to full blown AIDs where managing the Symptoms will be hard.

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