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Reason why Poor people have More Peace Compared to the Rich

Poor people are seen to have more peace than the rich simply because they take life as it is. They are satisfied by making it to another day having eaten and that's all.

Rich people have so many things that runs through their mind, like a person could be owning a company and the most expensive assets in the world but you find that he is sleepless, not because he don't have but he is worried about them.

Rich people are always insecure because they don't know what might happen to the progress of their businesses while a poor one sleeps like a baby even in the streets where everybody can access them.

Rich people never get enough of what they own, their interests is to generate alot of money for luxurious life while poor ones they only struggle for food and shelter.

This not to embrace poverty but just to see some comparisons of these two people. Comment about what you think and follow the profile.

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