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5 Ways To Boost Your Positive Energy In Your Room With Feng Shui

The whole basis of Feng Shui is to bring positive and vibrant energy at your home so that it may feel amazing to live there. Though it may be seen counter intuitive, but making your home clean, always attract positive energy. Things such as emptying cans, throwing away unused things, may seem hectic because we are always busy looking for how to improve our way of living. But one thing we should understand is that, cleaning our rooms attracts positive energy.

Your home is a foundation where you recharge your life. So if you are not working well on your foundation, nothing will seem to go well. You have to concentrate on how to improve it so as to make everything go smoothly.

Ways To Give YoUr Home Feng Shui Positive Energy.

1. Cleaning Your Stove top. Cleaning your stove top clean and working is an important thing because it represent abundance, prosperity and attracts flow of good energy.

2. Taking Care Of Your Front Door. Cleaning g YoUr front door costs nothing though most people dont consider it. Front door is the most important thing because it acts as a way in of positive energy. So, if you need to attract positive vibrations and energy, ensure that your front door is always clean and away from dirt.

3. Toilets and pits always represent energy leaving YoUr home. Since we do not want the escape of energy, it is advisable that we close our toilet lids to prevent our energy escape. It is also advisable to fix and rectify all the leaking water facets to prevent energy from going away.

4. Open YoUr Curtains. It is advisable to open up our curtains in order to stir up air and movement especially when you are closed up due to winter. This lets your stagnant energy away and welcomes sunshine to your room. In Feng Shui, sunshine represent fire energy. It purifies and energizes the air and burns up all stagnation vibes.

5. Washing our Curtains. Washing our curtains may seem odd to us but it is advisable since they may be holding old energies to our houses. Washing them, makes them attract new and positive energy back to your rooms.

Content created and supplied by: Fasihibrand (via Opera News )

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