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Ration And Use Cement This Way To Avoid Extra Costs Due To Collapse Of Buildings Or Cracks On Walls

Mere usage of cement for a construction is not just enough. The cement must be in the correct ratio with the sand and ballast for it to perform well. This is because, cement is the chief source of strength for any building.

If the proportion of sand and cement is not properly done, then the building is at a greater risk of collapsing in the near future. It is therefore necessary to ensure that all the quantities required by professional contractors are availed at the construction site before the project commences.

In many occasions, bags of cement do have some printed ratio on them such as 1:2:4 or 1:2:2. That is, the ratio of cement to sand to gravel. These are just guidelines that helps you to know the range where your mixture should fall. It is also appropriate to use these printed ratios but if not provided, use 1:2:3 in mixing cement to sand and gravel.

It is also advisable to mix sand and cement separately first before adding water to it. While mixing, ensure that the two materials incorporates properly for better results.

The water should be sprinkled but not pour on the already mixture. This this is, much water will escape with cement leaving sand behind. This will eventually interfere the initial ratio of the components. Take caution while using water during mixing. This is because, water is what will affect the final strength of the structure.

Avoid too much water as it weakens the concrete and leads to cracking. The water used should also be very clean without solid matter.

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