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Find out Why Bees Sting Only Once

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If you have a smelling feet Bees will sense you as a stranger and an enemy and will immediately sting you. When a Bee stings you it releases a venom that contains proteins which cause pain and can affect your immune system as well as your skin cells. You will be fine after few hours but that not the case with the bee. After it Stings you it cannot remove its stinger but instead, it leaves it inside your skin.

The stinger left behind by Bees contains its digestive tract, nerves, and muscles which are part of its body components for it to function normally. After losing its stinger the Bee does not survive. Bees have five eyes and can see you from all angles.

Bees have a Queen whose work is to lay eggs. She can lay more than 2000 eggs a day. She is well protected and whenever Bees are migrating from one Beehive to another they tend to move in groups while protecting their Queen. Each Bee is usually assigned a job inside the Beehive. Some Bees protect the Beehive from enemies while others are busy making the honey. Bees can see you from a distance only that they tend to forget fast. When they want to communicate with each other, they shake their abdomen at specific angles to pass the message.

When the Queen dies, they have to find a new one as quickly as possible and feed her till she can start laying eggs. Each Bee is said to produce one teaspoon of honey. They usually sleep at night just like humans for close to 7-8 hours.

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