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3 Important Life Skills

Skill #1:What You Can Do to Stop Taking Things Personally

When something tragic happens and you are profoundly affected, remember that struggle is a part of choosing to live, that the tragedy of death is what gives meaning to life, and that grief has no boundaries—it affects us all. It makes no difference whether you are deserving or not.

Skill # 2:How to Change Your Mind and Be Persuaded

When their views are questioned, most people cling to them like a life jacket on a sinking ship. There's no such thing as a "how." It's all just a figment of your imagination. There's nothing left to do but mentally try on different perspectives and ask yourself, "What if [thing that contradicts my assumption] were true about me?" What exactly does that imply? Then go over the response with your mind.

Skill # 3:How to Act When You Don't Know What Will Happen

Developing the ability to do things for no other reason than curiosity, interest, or, god forbid, boredom—the ability to do things without expecting a result, accolade, productivity, or fanfare—will prepare you to make these major uncertain life decisions more effectively. It will teach you to get right into anything without understanding where you're headed. While this will almost certainly result in a thousand small failures, it will also almost certainly result in your life's greatest accomplishments.

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