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Stop Wasting Money On Buying Cement Instead Use This Cheaper and Simple Method Of Construction

The cost of a bag of cement has been increasing rapidly due to the high demand in the market. This has made it difficult for people to build permanent houses using blocks.

However, there are always solutions for such arising issues and this has lead people to start building houses using interlocking bricks. The joints on the brick allow the mason to build with a minimum of mortar between the brick. Mortar is the material used to bond bricks together during construction. For instance, it can be a mixture of sand and cement. When it dries up it provides a stone-like mass in between the bricks and provides a tight joint.

Check out how the interlocking bricks are used to construct walls below.

These blocks are used as a cheaper alternative to building walls without spending a lot. For instance, when building a 3 bedroom house you will require about 4,000 bricks, and each brick usually cost between Ksh 20 to Ksh 30. This means you will only spend about Ksh 100,000 on construction. Interlocking bricks cut construction costs by 20%.

In addition to that, they save a lot of time because they are light when compared to blocks, and are they are also easier to build than natural stones.  

These bricks are always available within Kenya and if you need such bricks you can contact Panda Bricks and the construction company. This company produces one of the best bricks in the country. You can also buy the brick-making machine instead of the brick and make your bricks at home. The best company that produces the best interlocking block machines is Makiga.

The YouTube link below shows how the Interlocking bricks are made.

Blocks can be used to build interior or exterior walls, partitions, and even door and window frames. In addition, twin bricks can be made from the interlocking block maker using a special mold. These bricks are virtually double the standard brick with beveled or beveled edges for better aesthetics and better handling.  

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