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Forget About Expensive Perfumes, See How You Can Make Yours Using Natural plants

Marigolds – the name comes from the phrase ‘Mary’s gold’, and refers to the Virgin Mary – are members of the sunflower family, grown throughout the world.

Marigold flowers are warm-season and need full sun to thrive. They can tolerate drought conditions and perk up when watered. Plant from seed directly in the garden when the days warm up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

The unmistakable scent from this plant is spicy to some people and musky to others. The leaves are scented as well as the flowers. Some gardeners dislike the scent. If that's you, plant them away from patios, or play areas, so the smell isn't noticeable. However, researchers have discovered the strong scent that's produced by the flowers of this plant can be used to prepare perfumes.Marigold is more widely used in ‘men’s perfumery a handful of well-known feminine fragrances do feature flashes of this unusual note, for an intriguing twist.

Mexican mint marigold perfume has a sweet, and anise flavor. To prepare one you need to: Add the fresh leaves to chicken and fish dishes, soups and summer salads.You also can preserve the flavor of the herb and create a tasty dressing by adding fresh Mexican mint marigold to vinegar.

Some studies said it is possible to use the herb dry, the dried form loses a lot of flavor. The colorful yellow flowers are edible, too, ideal for brightening up salads and desserts.

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