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The Best Way Of Checking The Amount Of Gas Left Instead Of Shaking The Gas Cylinder

Due to its high cost, everyone is quite frugal when it comes to the amount of gas they use for cooking. Conversely, we can't see how much gas is left in our cylinders since steel and other cylinder materials are opaque.

This is one of the main disadvantages of using gas for cooking, besides the high cost. When your gas cylinders run out, it's never at a convenient time.

Pouring cold water over a gas cylinder before use is a quick and easy way to check how much gas is left within without having to shake the container. The result will be a precise reading. After being utilized, the cylinder's upper half will dry up while the lower half will keep holding water. To avoid the potential for an explosion, you should not shake the gas cylinder but instead utilize this other, more secure way.

The following video provides supplementary information on this approach. What further precautions do you take when working with gas cylinders?

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