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How To Increase Your Popularity

To succeed in every area in life you must have the ability in human ingineering_to selfness and capability to lead people.

A person has the aptitude to express his/her ideas,to assume leadership and to stimulate enthusiasm among people, that person is headed for higher popularity.

This ability to deal with people is worthy as clothes and food.As a result everybody must acquire skills relating to human relationship.

These Are Three Major Ways to Increase Your Popularity:-

1.Don't Complain_don't express feelings of pain to anybody.

2.Don't Condemn_try to understand everybody and figure out why they do what they do,it is profitable and interesting.

3.Don't Criticise_don't speak bad motives of no man rather speak all the good motives you know of everybody.

In addition always be kind to everybody and to know all is to forgive all.God Himself,does not propose to judge man until the end of His days

Why should you and I?

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