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A Good And Simple Way To Brighten Your Day.

A new day should actually be a fresh one. How your day will run depends on how you direct it in the morning.

To make your day a awesome one start with a prayer. Lay your day's plan unto the hands of God. Make all your desires known to him and allow Him direct your path and steps.

Secondly command your day. It is true that we posses what we confess. Whatever comes out of our mouth is powerful therefore learn to command good things and success as we begin the day.

Rub the disappointments of yesterday. As the day is new, your mind should be fresh and healthy. Yesterday's failure and disappointments might interfere with the new day. Accept the fact that the worst happened yesterday and come up with strategies to make your worst better.

Eat well. Food is what gives our body energy to perform all day's activities. It also makes our brains function actively and that is how exactly human beings get to think straight.

Try out this exercise daily as you start your day and witness the power of it.

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