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Overcoming Fear In Difficult Decision Making

1) Changing the environment by physically moving to another room or going outsides when inside a room, this enables you to be able to think clearly before engaging in the act.

It relives the pressure that you are currently facing in the room since it is a different environment, thus giving you the ability to interpret in better.

2) Trying to position yourself in the worst case scenario of the outcome of your fears. It gives you the ability to have an experience of what could have possibly happened that would bring out the most dangerous activity.

3) Making yourself understand that you will not always have good days, not everything will go as you have planned. You will be able to understand that somethings will always work out of plan no matter how good you perform them.

4) Sharing about your fears to the people close to you. You can talk to your family members or partner, you will find out that you come to view some of those fears as just small obstacles that you have been over concerned about, then start to overcome them easily.


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