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A Man In Nyeri Makes A Bed Out Of A Mixture Of Sand, Cement And Ballast

We have all seen wonders but the world is also turning into other funny wonders that bring about a sense of humour. I don't know how to express some of the fallacies that I see in various platforms. I don't know whether they are intentional or affective fallacies!

To be frank enough, we do some things which become a source of vital comedy either knowingly or unknowingly. For example we all know that we should call a spade a spade and not a " big spoon"! Wonders are out yes but some of them sound sensational thus bringing explicit moral lessons which by all means cannot be hitches.

We all know that most of our furniture is made out of timber. A normal bed; which is our topic of discussion here is made out of timber or metals but timber is more abundant.

What about this man from Nyeri. He has gone viral and amused many netizens by constructing a one time bed out of the rule of three! Clement, sand and bricks. He says no more bed noise at night especially when you are asleep and you need a peace of mind!

As if this is not enough, the man goes ahead requesting residents to hire him so that he constructs pretty beds for him like this one! I wish I meet him so that he also makes one for me!

This man went ahead praising his hand work by saying that the bed is effective; especially for those who have permanent houses. I agree with him because such a bed cannot fit in any house ordinary house. The secret behind is that when you are constructing your permanent house to include this plan of a bed that lasts forever! This is what was heard directly from him. But I believe it is very true.

He added that the bed does not make any noise therefore couples have nothing to worry them during the night while having their good times together. However, the man has revealed that most people are not embracing the bed with claims that the look like a Cemetery. This is making most of them fear to sleep on the bed.

I think if the bed is decorated well, then there is no cemetery at all! The bed will just appear great and admirable; especially if it is well painted or covered with tiles. I really admire this work of art.

He also added that he is having a hard time to convince locals to accept the new beds but some are slowly accepting this invention and several have made orders.

I understand it is really hard time but look at how you will be enjoying on the bed. I really agree with him and I have to find him so that he also makes one such Ned for me! Am tired of noisy and wooden beds which later break easily; thus replacement.

What do you think about this my good reader? Is it worth to employ such beds so that life goes on smoothly because once you get the bed you are done?

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Content created and supplied by: RobertOnsongo (via Opera News )

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