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6 Photos Of Golden "Mabati" House Designs That You Would Like To Construct In 2021

Houses serve a crucial role in human life. They act as storage facilities and provides shelter against dangerous prevailing conditions in the ecosystem such as heavy rainfalls, snowfalls, storms and ultraviolet radiations.

Human beings use different materials for building houses. Commonly used materials include; bricks, concrete blocks, limestones, cement, timber and metals just to name a few. In the recent years, people have devised a new technology of using "mabati" (iron sheets) for building both walls and roofs of houses.

Both old and new iron sheets can be used in construction of a "mabati" house. Old iron sheets are less durable and thus they must be painted to increase their durability. Painting also increases the aesthetic value of the house. The good thing with a "mabati" house is that they are relatively cheap to construct compared to stone or concrete houses.

Below are some of the photos of "mabati" houses that you would like to build.

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