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Do Not Become the Guy That Looks at the Mirror and Sees Nobody. Learn How to Get Yourself Together

Work on yourself until you see a Boss in the mirror. Here is the guideline on how to look and see yourself at the mirror..

1. Watch what you eat and continuously workout.

2. Always wake up before SIX in the morning. You can decide to go and watch the Sunrise if you have nothing to do by that time.

3. Be prayerful, everything you desire or look for in this life is vanity. Be close to your maker and once your journey on Earth is over you can secure a spot in eternal life.

4. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Keep Friends that motivate you to achieve and transform your life rather than friends who enjoy drugs, alcohol and partying.

5. Avoid being idle and spending hours online doing nothing of value, instead minimize your time online to probably 2 to 3 hours a day or even less.

6. Start up a side hustle business Incase you are employed. If you can afford to pay rent with your side hustle it's a plus. Jobs end but business investments opens your mind to thrive in the economy.

If you are unemployed just don't wait for that 'connection' to find a job while in the meantime being idle. Start a small business, even if you start selling boiled eggs and Coffee making. At the end of the day you will have some earning. This is better than staying idle. If you are that person who cares about what people will think then you will be poor in this lifetime.

7. Stop reckless borrowing from friends and mobile loan apps to meet short term needs. Some things can wait.

8. Value your family, they are the ones that will stand by you Incase you need a shoulder.

Follow this and turn your life around.

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