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Guinness World Records That You Can Try And Succeed

There are very many things you can try and actually succeed that can make you famous all over the world. The Guinness world book of records is where all people who have done extra ordinary things are recorded. Did you know that you too can find yourself in that book by beating the record of the existing holder? Below are some of the easiest challenges you can try and pass.

1. Wearing socks in 30 seconds. How long does it take you to put on socks. If you can put on 29 socks in 30 seconds then you are famous as the current holder has a record of 28 in 30 seconds.

2. Do you love playing football and know how to do touches? If yes then you can try and beat the current record holder who has 252 touches in just 30 seconds. Just add one extra touch and you will be past him.

3. Putting as many pegs on your face as possible is another challenge you can try. The current record holder has 52 pegs attached to his face in a minute. Just add one and you are ahead of him.

4. Putting on as many t-shirts in one minute is another challenge that doesn't look difficult. You can beat Ted Hastings who put on 260 t-shirts in 60 seconds.

5. If you love watching television you can take that chance to be a famous person. Your work is to sit in front of the screen for as many hours as possible. The current holder broke the record after watching for 94 consecutive hours in 2016.

These are just but a few of the challenges you can try. Follow the page to receive notifications when new articles have been published daily.

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