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10 People You Need in Your Life

It can be sometimes difficult to decide who the people are that you should invite into your life and keep close. Who are the people you absolutely need to have around? Here are the 10 people you need in your life.

1. The Friend

A friend means the one who celebrates you; the one who cries with you and the one who fights for you. This is the person who is also your reality check and not afraid to tell you as it is and yet you never feel rejected. A friend is the one you can count on when everyone turns their back on you.

2. The Mentor. A mentor is less psychologically important than the coach, but much more instrumentally important. Pick someone with experience and success in the field you want to work in. Learn from them. The better you do, the better they will feel about their mentoring skills.

3. The Strategist/Planner. This is a great person to have around if you’re not particularly strategy-minded yourself. Find someone who knows you and knows what you want to help you figure out how to get there when you feel like you are floundering around for answer, someone who will give you seasoned advice and help you make a game plan that you’ll actually follow through with.

4. The loyalist. The loyalist sees you for your strengths and is a full-time supporter of your cause. They want you to succeed and to them you can do no wrong on this journey to reach your goals. They have your back at any hour and would go to great lengths to help you succeed. The thing about the loyalist is that they are there for you all the way, and they rarely retreat, even in the face of ridicule. They believe in you and your dreams and will always be a loyal companion.

5. The Energizer. Find someone who pumps you up! Whenever you are down or enervated or just plain uninspired, know who to turn to. It could be one person, or a group of people, or everyone in your life. Just find a way to recharge your inspiration batteries on the quick.

6. The Optimist

When you are overwhelmed with challenges and obstacles, you need this kind of person to help you see the positive angle from where you are standing. A positive view is one that takes you in the right direction and helps you focus on results rather than your limitations. The die-hard optimist may be a dreamer or a philosopher but they definitely want to know that everything will work out for your own good after all.

7. The Connector. Connectors are exceedingly rare but unbelievably helpful. They long to meet people, root for them and connect them to other people. These are people with a deep network who know someone for any possible need. Find this person and never displease them! They can easily be the key to your success.

8. The Lover

We all have needs in our lives that are non-negotiable; to give and receive love. Here is where the lover comes in. The lover becomes the giver and receiver of love for you. The right lover becomes an oasis in this life that can often be as hostile as trekking in the desert. But for the lover to become that useful to you, there must be faithfulness on your part and on the part of the lover as well.

9. The Pastor. This person must be someone who understands spirituality and spiritual principles and can teach you how to apply them. The pastor is also the one who can pray for you even if no one is praying for you. The pastor in your life gives your perspective in life and shows you that life is not all about money and work. A pastor also helps you to become your best self. The pastor is the one who also encourages you when you are down and gets you going when you feel like giving up. The right pastor plays his role without seeking to take over your life or profiting from you.

10. The devil’s advocate. As much as you need someone who is willing to dream with you and make such dreams seem effortless, you also need the devil’s advocate. The devil’s advocate is one who looks at a goal logically and critically and identifies any weakness in it. This may not be a pleasurable role for anyone, as they say the truth is always hurting. However, you need such person around you since they will help you identify the thorns in the rose.

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