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The worlds Top Five Tallest Trees and Where they are found

At number five is the Tennessee Tree house. This incredible house was built on a 80ft tree and it had over six storeys.

At number four is the samaumeria tree found in the Amazon. This tree is 250 ft tall and has a diameter of 10 ft.

At number three is the rainbow eucalyptus tree found in Papua New Guinea with an avarage height of 200 ft while the tallest tree measures 252ft.

At number two is the yellow mirandi giant tree more than 330 feet tall that was identified in Borneo from the air and then climbed with a tape measure at considerable risk.

At number one is the Hyperion tree. It is the tallest out of three trillion trees currently alive in the world and it is still growing. Hyperion is currently growing at a rate of 3.9 cm per year since it was discovered in 2006. It currently measures 380.1 ft tall.

What do you think about this list. Have you ever seen a much taller tree than these. You can share your thoughts views and experiences in the comments section below. Don't forget to like follow and share.

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Hyperion Tennessee Tree


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