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How to live a happier life.

Many times we feel devastated by life and people who surround us,our response is what determines how our lives will be.We all experience ups and downs, sometimes we feel like we can't go on anymore but we should not forget all our endeavors and where we have always wanted to reach.I want to share some tips with you that can help to cool down your mind and lift you up during difficult times.

They say the nine sons of dragon are each unique.the moment we start thinking that other people are better than us we loose hope.In this lifetime,some people will be above you and others will be below you whether you like it or not. Learn to be yourself and choose your own battles wisely.

Choose friends your friends wisely.The bitter truth about this life is that you will experience many predicaments along the way,but trust me the people who you surround yourself with sometimes can solve half of them.Happy friends will always fill your mind with positive thoughts that can help you to forget all your worries.

Make sure you celebrate little achievements in your life.Do not let the joy of winning go with the wind,no matter how small your victory is feel good that you were able to achieve it,this will help you to keep on craving for greater things in life.

Follow your passion and do what makes you happy.Many people spend their lives doing things against their will because it is an order,if you have another choice follow your passion and do what can satisfy you.

Make sure you get enough time to rest.Many dreams are left unccomplished,stop pushing yourself and create time to get enough sleep because our minds do much better when we are fresh.

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