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What Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality

Your ring finger shows how much testosterone you were exposed to in your mother's womb. Testosterone can have an influence on your personality and so the length of your ring finger reveals the kind of personality you have. There are 3 different types of hands each portraying different personalities of people.

1. Ring Finger is Longer Than The Index Finger.

Generally speaking, people with a longer ring finger tend to be more attractive. Many of them are quite charming and they like to be alone. Research claims that a high percentage of people with a longer ring finger earn more money.

2. Ring Finger is Shorter Than The Index Finger.

People with a shorter ring finger are more confident and have a high self-esteem. They are friendly and they get along well with people.

3. Ring finger and The Index Finger are of the same length.

People with equal sized ring and index finger are of peaceful nature. They are good mediators and love loyal partners. They are usually more balanced, quiet and reserved than the others.

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