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Why Intelligent People Choose To Be Less Social

The study has revealed that intelligent people tend to be less social as compared to those who are not. The satisfaction of life of intelligent people appears to be unaffected by their more solitary lifestyle.

These people always think of themselves as loners. In this loneliness, they find comfort and completeness. Their lifestyle is bombarded and mostly described as hermits.

Along with that, they prefer a silent countryside that a noisy hustle-bustle of the cities. Going to parties and other crazy gatherings is weird unto them. Instead, they find it great and comfortable sitting in the dark, alone reading a dark book.

Mostly, people will tend to worry about their lives due to the minimum amount of friends they have. Their friendship circle is always small and dotted. This means that anytime, they might change their mindset and boot any of their friends. However, they are keen to make friends and observe before jumping to a conclusion.

If this sounds interesting and directly proportional to your characters, then you have every reason to worry less. Society may deem you and refer you to antisocial, but it must have been not proven to them that you are the most intelligent person.

Research has indicated that quality socialization matters in intelligent people. This comes after it was found that these people are happier and elate living around less populated and less noisy places.

A recent study has revealed that geniuses find it difficult to associate and socialize with most of the people in society. This is not because they are antisocial, but because they do not energize after engaging or socializing with a lot of people.

As per research, most intelligent people experience less life satisfaction. This indicates that intelligent people are happier as compared to extroverted people. This is because these people live a simple life, with less socializing and with less stress and confusion.

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