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10 Scandinavian creative home designs for your home makeover

Scandinavian design comes from Nordic countries (Iceland, Sweden and Norway) . It's simple and artistic Making home owners feel that work of art that is their home. There is functionality and a certain edge and lines to their furniture. Scandinavian interior design incorporates an all white ensemble and natural elements such as enamel, wood and steel. The home designs are spacious and receive many natural light and a minimalist feature gives the attributes of a Scandinavian design. It's easy to decorate and make a house feel like home as desired by the owner.

1. Mixing black and white

This kind of style has white mostly and mixing it with white can create a luxurious look to the room. Use cushions of mixed white and black, also add grey ones on the black couches.

2. Kitchen tile back splash

White tiles in the kitchen add beauty to the room. They match the white cabinets with small black details and brown lines to the sculpture of the kitchen.

3. The lighting fixtures

Many light fixtures have been designed and glass fixtures are a way to go when one wants to achieve the Scandinavian look. It's not fancy but simple and achieves that minimalist look in the overall design.

4. Shelving unit

Homeowners that love to keep their homes clean can throw everything in this rattan shelving unit. It's beautiful and can hold many items that will be scattered around the home.

5. Carpets and rugs

The whole design depends on the rugs to bring the whole look together in the living room. Choose a white rug with memorable patterns that are eye-catching and makes people appreciate it.

6. Foyer decor

A foyer is a space at the entrance of a home usually leading to the living room or dining room. In a home with no design this area is mostly for shoes. Get creative by adding a mirror and console to place keys and leave bags when arrives home.

7. Clean neutrals with a touch of color

The overall white color can be added a dash of color through use of colored stools or ottoman. Throw pillows of different colors can be used.

8. Light and airy

This makeover uses the large windows to pass light and allow more fresh air into the room. Use curtains that allow light to pass through.

9. Industrial ceiling in living room

Ceiling structures in the living room can make or brake the whole style. The ceilings can have neutral colors such ass white and gray and can have arches to add character to the ceiling instead of a flat one.

10. Vast open spaces in the bedroom

Scandinavian style allows the bedroom to be look vast through the white color and large windows. Better lighting in the room can also make it appear huge.

11. Marble tiles back splash

The toilet can have colorful marble tiles and a statement sink for hand washing. The mirror can also be of a unique design.

12. White and gold accents in the bathroom

The shower can have white tiles white gold or silver accented shower head and taps.

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