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Reasons Why You Lack Motivation.

1. You don’t know what you want.

The solution is simple. You can’t hit a target that you cannot see. Identify some compelling, exciting goals for yourself in each of the major areas of your life;physical, financial, emotional, etc and write them down.

2. You’re not in control of your physiology.

If you want to get motivated, learn to control your physiological state. Figure out what kinds of movements you naturally make when you’re feeling motivated. Then, do those things and your mind will follow your body.

3. You’ve made “lack of motivation” part of your identity.

Make it clear to yourself that you do not identify as an unmotivated person, but are instead the type of person who feels incredibly motivated on a regular basis.

4. You’re not aiming high enough.

When we’ve got puny, uninspiring goals, we tend to feel lethargic and unmotivated to achieve them. On the flip side, when we’ve got huge and ambitious goals, we feel empowered and invigorated to take action towards achieving them.

Set massive goals. Take massive action. Push yourself to your outermost limits. You’ll find that the more action you take, the more motivated you become to continue doing even more.

5. You’re overwhelmed.

You’ve just got way too many things on your plate. It’s time to pair down and focus on crushing one big goal at a time, rather than trying to do too many things simultaneously. It’s like that old saying, “If u chase two rabbits, u won’t even catch one".

6. You’re prone to procrastination.

If you’re low on motivation, think about whether you need to chunk things down into something doable to move the ball forward. Chunk your project (or whatever you’re not motivated about) into something doable and then do it!

7. You’re not being specific enough to spur motivation.

Give your brain specific and actionable directions. Doing this will provide it with the controlled focus it needs in order to unleash the motivational energy you’re looking for.

The more specific you make the actions and habits you need to take up, the smaller they become. And the smaller the action, the easier it is to motivate yourself to do it.

Content created and supplied by: Sylvia (via Opera News )


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