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How To Live Your Life If You Want Blessings To Come On Your Way

The people you attract when you're being true to yourself and when you're taking the path that feels most natural to you, those are the people who will enrich your life as opposed to the people you attract by pretending or trying very hard to impress. Also, the blessings you attract when you're living an honest and integrated life are the only blessings that last.

God cannot bless who you pretend to be, becuse after all he gave you that unique personality in order to perform a purpose that you cannot do except you stay true to it. Remember also when you remain authentic you introduce something into the world that wasn't there, and when you put up a false show on social media and in your social circles you're merely imitating what's already know.

When you stay true to yourself and live your life without trying to impress the people around you then God is going to bless you and grant you that kind of life you have whished to live.

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