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Why Dead Bodies Are Burried 6 feet underground

Cultural practice has always been one of the things that majorly influence our livelihoods in Kenya. When we grow up, the moment we grow up, the more we mature up to become adults is the same time we always get exposure to the realities of nature. It' s the time when we always get to learn of the silent things that happen in our various societies silently without our knowledge. We will only be surprised on realizing some of them as time passes by. Now, in the society we are living there are so many things that we always does in the name of culture. These are things that were always done from the ancient times by our grandparents or people who succeeded us in existence. 

One of such cultural practices has always been the practice of the way the Dead are buried. Research has always had it that burial practice is something that is similar all over the globe. However, it' s practice is religious based. This is based on the fact that the way the Christians always bury the dead is absolutely different from the way the Muslim, the Buddhist among others do it. But again it' s relatively similarly related in a certain way. Most people have always been wondering why most people always bury people exactly 6 feet underground. It' s too unfortunate that some of us just do it because they have seen other people do it the way other people do it.

First, the basic reason is always for the safety of the corpse. It' s obvious that we might have heard that there are these people who will always keep timing the precious casket used to bury the dead to go and sell them. Keeping the body 6 feet underground is always relatively a safer depth for this practice. This is neither too deep nor too shallow because there always comes a time when the body has to be retrieved.

Alternatively, digging the body 6 feet has always been proved to avoid the resultant effect of erosion. It' s obvious that land is always under constant erosion overtime as the soil is always carried on the lower slopes. If the body is kept shallow it might end up being exposed after a certain period of time. Due to this, laying the body 6 feet prevents this.

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