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Mistakes Young People Make And Regret Later In Life

1. Giving up easily when something is hard. Pushing through difficult times is what makes a person better.

2. Young people often think they have all the time in the world, hence they procrastinate important things which was required of them at a certain point in their life.

3. Not investing money. The best time to prepare for the future is when you are young. This behavior is as bad as spending all your money.

4. Failing to create multiple sources of income. It is best to generate passive income in this modern era.

5. Spending money on unnecessary things. Most youth want to have fun and imitate what their peers do.

6. They always want instant success. As a result it leads them to unnecessary short cuts, death, and an unhappy future. 

7. Young people try to please everyone. It is not a guarantee that everyone will like you because of how good you treat them.

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