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Two Things you Should Never Do with Hawkers in Nairobi

When you need some good clothes in Nairobi and on a low budget then you'll have to visit, the hawkers. However, here are two things you should never try to do with hawkers in Nairobi or you'll find yourself in big trouble.

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The first one is giving them money before picking up your goods. Hawkers in Nairobi have temporary stations that can be moved any time and abruptly. If you make a mistake and hand over your money before picking up your clothes or whatever thing you've purchased, then Kanjos may pop up. This means you'll remain stranded as while the hawkers run away with your money to save their items.. Additionally, it is advisable to use lose money when purchasing from hawkers, just to make sure you don't loses your balances in events of disruptions.

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The second thing you should also avoid engaging in with the hawkers is fights. Fights could erupt when you accidentally step on a hawker's item or balance issues. Whatever the situation is try to calm down and agree on what you can do about it. Why? Hawkers trust their colleagues more than customers' claims. This implies that whether you are right or wrong, you'll automatically be wrong when a tussle begins. What would probably follow is hawkers ganging up against you to defend their colleague. These kinds of wars never ends well.

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In summary, when visiting hawkers for purchases, especially those within Nairobi CBD, make sure your ar well organised to purchase from them. That is by having lose money that won't keep you waiting for balances, then avoid trouble at all cost. Thank you for reading.

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