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The Dilemma in Having Male House helps

It has been a norm countrywide and internationally that the roles of a domestic house help remains only for the female gender. Having a male house help has so far raised concerns over its unlikeliness and cultural orientation.

In some homesteads, male house helps may be seen as a competition by the man of the house. Since he also uadlee kitchen matters where the wife of the home is so much concerned about, one may think that the two are too close than expected.

It is not a shock that there are marriages that have been broken due to this.

A dilemma always arises. How will the children accept him especially if the preceding ones were female? Will he accept to do laundry, wash utensils, mop the house, clean the children as expected. What if he decides to beat up the children.

Such dilemma has madeany employers to seem for female domestic house helps.

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