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Use This Simple And Cheapest Method To Grow Fruits And Vegetables In Your Kitchen Garden (Photos)

Fruits and vegetables are very important to humans. They provide various types of essential vitamins required by the body to fight diseases. Different varieties of fruits and vegetables can be grown in the kitchen garden. For example, spinach, kales, tomatoes, onions and carrots.

Kitchen gardening involves growing of fruits and vegetables at the backyard of house using kitchen refuse as the main source of nutrients for your crops. The importance of having a kitchen garden is that it ensures supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. It also decreases the cost of buying vegetables and fruits from the grocery.

In this article I will show you simple method of preparing a kitchen garden. Below are the steps of preparing a kitchen garden.

1. Collect suitable materials that can hold soil. For example sacks, baskets, basins, bread crates or even bottles.

2. Put soil mixed with organic manure in the containers collected.

3. Arrange your containers in a row to enable easy movement while planting and watering.

4. Transplant the seedlings of vegetables and fruits of your choice into the containers and irrigate them adequately.

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