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17 Things To Do To Make Your Home Extra Clean

If you pay attention to small things every time you clean your home, you will notice a huge improvement in how the home feels. Here is a list of 17 things to look at when you need to determine if your place is really clean or not.

1. Always quickly wash kitchen surface with a piece of cloth immediately after cooking anything which makes them look as good as new.

2. Clean kitchen appliances well so that stains do not remain there forever.

3. Kitchen sponges should be replaced after every one week and kept dry.

4. Kitchen towels, oven gloves and any other textiles in the kitchen should be replaced once a week.

5. Always wash the bottoms of frying pans and cooking pots thoroughly right after using them to make them always clean.

6. Splash kettle with water each time before using it and and wash it with soap to get rid of hard water in the kettle that looks unpleasing and makes the water to taste bad.

7. Avoid bad smell from trash by buying a bucket with a lid and wash the bucket weekly.

8. Wash sofa sets and armchairs atleast two times a year.

9. Do not forget to clean door handles, switches, remotes and also power outlets when cleaning the house.

10. The same thing also applies to painting, photo frames and any other object in the walls. Pay attention to corners as alot of dust accumulates there.

11. Do not turn balconies to a store for the useless stuff. Instead, turn it into a gym or an office. 12. Always wash the taps and remove any water stains present.

13. Shower curtains in the bathroom should be cleaned regularly to look good and avoid bacteria growth. 14. Always store detergents on the shelves.

15. The laundry basket should have a lid so that the dirty laundry is not visible. 16. Always clean the soap dish regularly.

17. Clean the washing machine including the rubber piece in the door that accumulates alot of dirt.

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