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10 Superpowers Human Beings Wish they had


Invisibility in simple terms is the state of an object that cannot be seen, resent research has proven that invisibility is possible. The good thing about this power is that you can see what other people cannot see. If human beings had this power they would really do a lot of weird things with it like sneaking and hiding

Superhuman strength

Most people know some of the superheroes with superhuman strength, for example Spiderman, superman and also batman. Their strength extends far beyond the ability to beat any ordinary human being. Such strength would help us help other people, help ourselves out in certain situations and to some bad individuals; they would probably do more harm than good.


Of cause human beings can heal from various situations like cuts, burns and diseases, that’s one of the most incredible abilities our bodies have over the machines. Now imagine a situation where you can heal instantly even from very bad situations, this would be very great because we could survive some unbelievable conditions


After a long day at work, we all feel tired and worn out and all we need is some rest. This is one of the most amazing abilities machines have over us, they do not get tired. However, what if the situations were different; just like superhuman, they can fight or even run all day and night without getting tired. We could have accomplished a lot in this world in a very short period of time

Time travel

Time travel is a situation where one can go back in time or go in future between certain points of time. As seen in various films especially the flash, whenever people go back in time, they may end up making the present much worse. Now imagine if you could go back in time and make up or correct all the mistakes you made in the past or even be able to know how your future may look like, that would be very nice

Superhuman speed

This is one of the coolest abilities human beings could have. One can do a lot of things with superhuman speed apart from moving so fast. You can have faster decision making, fast healing and even handling tasks on time. In today’s world especially in big cities, speed could help us avoid traffic and other daily problems. 


This is much different from super speed; if you think of it you might be convinced that they are the same. Teleportation is the transfer of mater or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical state between them. This means you can go to any place instantly without having to may be board a bus, or a plane.


This means that you are able to live forever may be if all conditions are met. Scientist are still researching ways in human beings can be immortal or live longer. One of the factors that cannot allow us to live more years or be immortal is the aging of the cells. Despite, most people today would never go for immortality.

Mind control

This power would really be good for you if only you can control your desires and moral standards. This is the ability to alter or control other peoples mind. Now imagine if you had this ability to make people do what you want, you would really be like a god to them.


This is the first thing most of you may be could think of. Flying would help us in different ways like traveling around the world and visit those places you always dream of, avoid traffic and even air travel fees. Anyway, the only way we can fly right now may be during sky diving, on a plane or even in dreams.

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