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A Complete Guide To Buying The Best Pool Table

Pool is a popular game in the world and has been there for many generations. It’s viewed as recreational activity enjoyed by both young and old. Therefore, having your own pool table can be much useful during a get-together with either friends, relatives or any social gathering because, somehow sets the tone of the conversation. So, there are several factors that should be put into account when purchasing your own pool table, these are:

1.Quality; buy a pool table that is durable-meaning that all the materials used to construct it should be well refined and long lasting. For instance, hardwood and diamond-honed surface slate that has a thickness of ¾’’ inch are some of the best materials to use. Also, the quality of the felt should be 80% wool and 20% nylon.

2.Pockets; the pool table pockets should made from a soft plastic material that doesn’t either crack or break easily, while cushions must be backed with a canvas garment that will enable it to stick to the rail.

3.Ground level; some pool table have adjustment on the legs while others don’t. So, its recommended to mount your table on a flat surface for a good play.

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