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9 warning signs that you're mentally and emotionally exhausted.

1. Easily irritated

Sometimes you may find that you have just arrived home and any confrontation makes you angry.

That's a sign that you're tired and you should be cautious about how you deal with it. Don't ruin social practices because of that.

2. You're completely unmotivated

This is a critical one also. When you find that nothing motivates you, you have a problem.

Being tired brings down the excitement feeling and so be careful not to lose opportunities for such a feeling.

3. Anxiety or panic attacks

When you're tired, you will probably be absent minded and so your brain will react to any slight interference.

You're wired to have feelings and emotions but when it happens with no cause at all, it's something to check on.

4. Trouble sleeping

If you find that your sleeping pattern has now been tampered with, it's time to check on yourself mentally.

Being exhausted will have you looking for angles to sleep because most of them will seem impossible to live with.

5. No patience

At other times, you too will find that you want things how you want them.

It might sound dramatic but yes, it comes with a package. Only what you feel like it will do for you. That when you know you're tired.

7. Crying unexpectedly

This doesn't happen to everyone but sometimes, you will find that exhaustion will trigger emotions.

When this happens you should check on yourself because there might be something troubling you.

8. Detached from reality

We talked about being absent minded and it comes in here . When you're tired mentally nothing will seem right and real.

When this happens you need to get sobber. Life will be going on regardless of your choice.

9. You feel empty

This happens to most of the people. When mentally exhausted you will feel like you don't want anything and everything else seems useless.

It's dangerous because it'll encourage laziness. Beware.

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