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Forget About Building Normal Slab, See The Cheap And New Method To Construct A Slab(PHOTOS).

Slab building is the most expensive part of construction process. This is due to the massive materials it consumes and the high labour required for the process to take place. Slab Building consumes alot of concrete,cement and sand and makes it very expensive part of construction process.

A new method of slab but building known as cupolex slab building technique has been tested and found to work perfectly. Cupolex method of slab building aims to reduce the amount of concrete used by introduction of eco friendly dome shaped interconnecting polypropylene formwork. The polypropylene are recycled and therefore cheaper.

In cupolex method,the dome shaped polypropylene recycled materials interconnect and acts as the formwork. BRC meshes are then placed on top of these domes before concrete can be added just like in normal slab building to increase the strength of the floor.

The plastic dome shaped polypropylene materials takes most of the space that otherwise mortar could have been placed. This decreases the amount of mortar used in slab building thus reducing the overall cost of slab building.

This method also employs very few labour as no much work is needed after setting the formwork.

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