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10 Inspired Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom with wallpaper

Your bedroom is your refuge and should be your favorite room in the house. A place to rejuvenate and relax, it's important to create an oasis that creates a sense of calm after a hard day. Whether you're starting from scratch or investing in a few key pieces to give your space a mini makeover, here are some tips to help you create the perfect bedroom.

1. Monochrome and White

All white bedroomThe all white monochrome palette seen in this bedroom from red, white and denim is fresh, bright and great for rooms of any size. To keep the space from feeling sterile, add various shades of white and cozy, soft textures. 

2. Pick a Base Color

Bedroom with green velvet bedOne of the easiest ways to decorate any room is by starting with a single base color and decorating around that shade. This bedroom  focuses on a deep hunter green and weaves the hue throughout the space, giving it a cohesive and purposeful feel.

3. Quirks

Bedroom with wallpaper

Make the best of your room's little details, as demonstrated by this bedroom from. Instead of working against the room's quirks, this home decorator covered the pitched ceiling in wallpaper to make it stand out even more.

4. Mix Up Patterns

Bedrooms with different patterns

This lovely space which proves that when done correctly, conflicting patterns can play well together and give the space a designer feel.

5. A Gallery Wall

Gallery wall on a blue painted wallFill up empty wall space behind a dresser or even the bed with a beautiful gallery wall like this one. 

6. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse bedroomThis bedroom is the perfect inspiration to embrace the modern farmhouse look. Add unexpected rustic touches by hanging vintage windows or using old shutters as decor. . 

7. Embrace Your Inner Child

Bed with canopyCanopy beds are no longer just for kids. This modern four-post bed proves that the look can feel sophisticated and adult. We won't judge if you still watch Netflix from a bed fort, though.

8. Think Outside the Box

Bedroom with a door as a headboardLooking to do something a little unexpected with your bedroom decor? This fun bedroom  uses an old door in place of a headboard. . 

9. A Cozy, Small Bedroom

Cozy bedroomShort on space? This cozy and cute bedroom proves that size doesn't matter when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom space. If you're lacking in square footage, focus on light colors and keep clutter to a minimum. 

10. A Hanging Chair

Bedroom with hanging chairNot only will a hanging chair make a big statement in your bedroom, but it's just so fun to swing indoors. This wonderful bedroom is lovely all around, but it's the hanging swing that really sets it apart.

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Monochrome White


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