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2 Places In The World Where The Dead Live With Their Relatives

1.Toraja in Indonesia

This tribe has a belief that life continues after death.They also hold that death is a gradual process and the immediate one after one's heart stops beating is a state of deep sleep.Therefore,they tend to live with the deceased's body for weeks,months and even years.All this while,they wash and change the garmets of the deaceased.Food is also provided for in the room three times a day.

After burial which is always a huge ceremony involving thousands of mourners,life with the departed doesn't end here.They have a celebration held anually in August which involves exhuming of the dead bodies.They are then washed and have new clothes put on them.The body is thereafter paraded round the village as the the family members take selfies with them.

2.Dani tribe

This is an indeginous tribe occupying regions of Papua New Guinea.It is among the few tribes in the world that still hold tightly onto their norms.The Dani people practiced mummification using smoke.Though not practiced in the recent times,they still have some of the ancestral mummies.These are for preservation of their culture and also work as a source of revenue.Whenever a visitor comes around,they pay before being allowed to see the mummies.What is your view on these cultures? Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.

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